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Monday, May 31, 2010

Now that itís Monday I can fully regret how I wasted the two beautiful spring days we had (at long last) this weekend. I think weíve moved from spring directly into summer, though, because today was typical of what we get after two nearly perfect days. It was overcast all morning and hazy and cool the rest of the day. This is the blessing and the curse of living in the North Bay. We have the best weather, and then the natural air conditioning from the coast keeps us from getting too used to it (or too roasted by it, in the hotter months).

On a normal Monday (or any other weekday), my day is divided into two parts: before I go to the post office and run errands, and after. In the morning I get little done, and after I get home it takes me some time to get started. Thatís how I end up working until well after dark so many nights during a typical week. Today, with no reason to leave the house, I slept later (oooh! nice!), got started on actual work earlier, and still managed to have some extra time to read (Iím currently midway through the latest Lynley mystery, This Body of Death, by Elizabeth George).

In other words, this holiday schedule provides me with the opportunity for a better work day than normal. Plus, Iím more relaxed and feel better about the world in general. If we could have more holidays, Iíd be a happier person. Iím just saying.

31 May 2010

While I did sleep in later than on a regular Monday, it was only about half an hour later. Thatís mostly because I wanted to get up and get the crock pot going. I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to use, and no recipe to go with it, so I invented Creamy Seitan Thai Chili Stew. ďThai,Ē because it contains coconut milk and curry powder. ďChiliĒ because of the beans and the seasonings. ďStewĒ because when I was buying frozen stir-fry vegetables I accidentally picked up a package of stew vegetables. Considering I had no idea what I was concocting, it didnít turn out badly. Iím just saying.

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