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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Itís a good think Iím only a bookkeeper and not someone with a more important job (like an accountant). I took a shortcut today that I never thought Iíd take. Iím not proud of it, but it seems like such a minor thing, in the grand scheme. All I did was leave out a few steps. I might have still come up with the correct solution. I mean, Iím not a chef leaving out ingredients, or a cop tampering with evidence. Iím just a bookkeeper.

Of course, a bookkeeperís reputation (and sometimes even his job) depends on accuracy. I really, truly hope my accuracy wasnít compromised by the shortcut I took today. But the bill was already past due and I didnít have time to make all the reconciliations and double-secret backup worksheets I usually do before I pay. I could be sorry, some time down the line, but I wasnít thinking about down the line. I was thinking about getting the check in the mail and getting on with my day.

3 November 2005

Hole in the clouds.

The workers comp payment is due on the eleventh of each month. Today is the twelfth. Yesterday was the eleventh, but it was a holiday. No mail. So I could probably justify (in my own mind if not in the real world) backdating the check to the tenth, as long as I could get it in todayís mail. The only way I could do that was by not double checking all the payroll figures, the way I usually do. They donít always come out right on the first try, and I might be borrowing trouble when the auditor comes to check the numbers. But in my mind, being wrong was better than being late.

Hey, that would make a good slogan, if I should ever try to go into the freelance bookkeeping business. ďSometimes wrong but never late.Ē Except, of course, that this check, right or wrong, is already late. Oh, well. Back to the drawing board.

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You can call me lazy if you want, but remember, this is Saturday. And by the time I got up and was awake enough to know more or less what I was doing, it was already pushing time for the last mail pickup. So thereís another tradeoff. It could (theoretically) have been mailed Thursday and be postmarked today, but I had to get it in on time or it would have been postmarked Monday, which I donít think I could sell. Although Iím doing pretty well justifying the shady timeline to myself, so maybe I could make it sing for the insurance company. Theyíre always so forgiving, you know. Heh.

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