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Monday, November 6, 2006

Election season is dwindling down to its last day, thank goodness. Today I suffered through the last of the obnoxious TV spots, and the direct-to-trash emails, and the prerecorded calls from various politicians. The silence, after tomorrow, will be blissful, no matter who wins.

Okay, maybe that’s not quite true. It will be a little more blissful if the rascals are overthrown, but I don’t dare hope for anything that dramatic. I’m deliberately keeping my expectations low, so that I’m not too disappointed when we’re stuck with the same regime for another two years. Still, I can’t help harboring a glimmer of hope that the country has seen the light. Because if we’re not tired of the darkness by now, we never will be.

I’m not cynical, but they’re all liars. Every campaign ad you see or hear has at its core a gimmick that tries to make you believe what the promoter wants you to believe. If that weren’t the case, how could the people on both sides of Proposition 87 tell us that taxes will go up if the other side wins? In U.S. politics, it’s not the good guys against the bad guys so much as the not-so-bad guys against the really horrible guys.

28 October 2006

Afternoon cloud spread.

Whatever the outcome of tomorrow’s vote, this part of the election cycle will be over for two years. The Bush administration has already said they will not change anything they’re doing, no matter how much they are repudiated at the polls. But at least there’s a chance, even if it’s a tiny chance that I don’t dare hope for, that the loyal opposition will make some gains and gather some strength to oppose their worst natures. That’s how I voted, anyway.

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If you read the headline in this ABC news story about “robocalls,” you’d think both parties are guilty of phoning voters five times a day, pretending to be someone from the other side, so that you’ll get mad and vote against them. But the report can find only Republican offenders. They call and repeat the name of the Democratic candidate, hoping that the voter will think the Democrats are the ones annoying them. It’s sick and twisted, and a perfect example of why these people should be run out of office. They’ve betrayed our trust, and they’ve perverted the election process (which explains, in part, why they’re still there in the first place). More details of campaign hijinks can be found at TPM.

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