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Saturday, November 4, 2006

As I walked out of the post office early this afternoon, I checked my watch. I knew it was between 12:30 and 1:00 pm, and I was supposed to be at Suzanneís house by 1:00, so I wanted to see how much time I had. My watch told me it was 2:15 pm. It also said it was Tuesday, October 31. I hope I still have the receipt for the battery I bought two months ago. The one with the one-year warranty? Yeah, that one. This shows you how often I look at my watch, though. Not very often, apparently, since I didnít even know it stopped four days ago.

As you know, Iím not much for parties, but this was different. This was a tasting party, for easy gourmet cooking ingredients. I went not knowing what to expect, just that I wasnít going to buy anything. I left loving everything I tasted and ordering such things as Vidalia onion dip and savory wheat beer bread mix. Not long ago I didnít even know there were such things, and now Iím planning on expanding my repertoire to include them.

After eating so many treats (including desserts) at the party, I wasnít sure Iíd need to fix myself dinner after I got home. I have three different kinds of leftovers in the refrigerator, but I didnít feel like any of them. When I finally got hungry, I heated a frozen pizza. Itís not something I do very often (and not something Iím proud of), but every once in a while it feels good to indulge in the kind of food I used to gorge myself on, back before I started trying so hard to eat well.

But Iím also excited about trying new, healthier recipes. I spent so much of my life eating the same thing every day, and shying away from trying anything that I already thought I didnít like, that I have a lot of ground to make up. I canít believe how many years I wasted not eating tomatoes. Now Iím cooking with eggplant and zucchini, and all kinds of other foods that I wouldnít even pronounce the names of in the past. I think itís a good trend. A healthy trend.

2 November 2006

Berry vine, hanging down in the rain.

One thing I have to keep working on is how to cook for one person. You never see any of the chefs on the cooking shows cooking for fewer than four people, and when thereís only one eater in the house, that leaves way too many leftovers. You should see the two-week-old chili I still have in my fridge, and the chicken breasts I cooked last Monday. Itís not that they wonít keep this long, but it would be more fun to cook something different every night, even if it is more work that way. I just have to try a little harder.

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Thanks, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, for taking two hours out of my life. What good is a romantic comedy that just fizzles out in the end? The only reason to sit through a romantic comedy is to get to the payoff, and in The Break-Up, thereís no payoff. There isnít much for the first hour and a half either, for that matter, and maybe the ending is true to the characters or whatever, but jeez. What a limp way to finish, after all that buildup. Give me something cheesy any day, as long as it has that big moment in the last act, the one I think Iíve been waiting for for two hours. Thanks.

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