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Thursday, October 17, 2002

I think this is the first time the date sneaked up on me. This year of all years, it wouldn't seem possible. Until the first time I had to write the date today, I didn't even realize.

Thirteen years ago, the Giants were in the World Series, just like this year. There was to be a game on this date, October 17, 1989, but instead the earth rocked and rolled and swallowed up cars and bridges and people. It was the most devastating natural event I've ever been a part of, and probably the most unforgettable thirty seconds (and six hours) of my life. Well, no, that's not quite true, but that day and the next few are indelibly engraved in my memory.

It seems I'll carry that day with me forever. I seem to mention it every year, and I wrote about it extensively two years ago.

Apparently an afternoon nap is going to become part of my daily schedule. I was just going to take a little rest this afternoon, and it turned into something else. I don't sleep soundly or long during these breaks, but they're helping me get through the day. It's probably not a perfect substitute for a good night's sleep, but if I'm not going to sleep through the night anyway, I need to make up a little of the loss.

There's no guilt involved here, by the way. Well, I should probably say that no guilt is called for. Guilt is always involved, to some degree, when I'm not pushing numbers (or words) around. But I shouldn't feel guilty about taking an hour off during the day after working until twenty minutes to eight the night before.

I don't watch the clock during the day, but I'm quite aware of it after hours. If I'm working I want credit for it, even if that credit is just not to feel guilty the next day, if I back off long enough for a nap.

And of course if it's after hours and I'm not working, I want to know when the game starts (if there's a game), or when The Amazing Race is on. (I no longer hate The Twins, by the way. And I'm talking about The Amazing Race, not baseball, although I don't hate those Twins either.)

looking west

Looking west from my back yard, past the house and garden.

It was another chilly day in paradise. My romantic notion of the Bay Area having perfect weather all year round is shattered once again, as it is every year at this time. I just forget, I guess. Still, it's better than a lot of other places, and I can say that most of the time. I don't know anyplace else I'd rather be, even on a day when you get freezer burn walking out the front door.

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