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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Instead of merely complaining about the time change this year, as I always do (you could look it up), I took the offensive. I made a big pot of coffee and drank almost all of it. That got me through the day — and in a much, much, much better mood than Iíve been in for a long, long, long time.

Itís funny, but the reason I quit drinking all that coffee doesnít seem as important now as it did when I was having all those shaky moments and acidy feelings in my stomach. I donít get much of a kick from the herbal tea Iíve been starting my days with lately.

On the other hand, you wouldnít think a 25-hour day would require any extra stimulation. If thereís an extra hour to sleep, the rest of it should be easy. Iíve always said that every day should have 25 hours. I wonder if the planet the aliens took me to might have spun a little more slowly than this one. (Sometimes I wish they would take me back there.)

When we set the clocks back an hour last night, it made every hour today seem like an hour later than it should be. Thereís good and bad in that, but the good part seems to come earlier in the day than the bad. Even a 25-hour day can catch up with you. Now itís getting late, and the caffeine is wearing off, and Iím wondering if maybe Iíll get to sleep before my usual two or three in the morning.

When the early darkness hit tonight, it was sudden. °Zas! Out of the blue I was sitting in the dark, and I hadnít even realized it was late enough for the sun to be going down. Itís going to take some getting used to, and Iím going to have to readjust my schedule. Iíll have to think of more things to do after dark, and Iíll have to get the things that can only be done in daylight out of the way early.

But Iím adjusting, not complaining. Thatís never done a bit of good in the past, coffee or no coffee. A little jolt sure helps, though.

26 October 2004


This was a typical Halloween at my house, except that this year I didnít turn out all the lights and hover by the loft window, watching for strangers to approach and hoping none would. I thought about it, but the loft is so cluttered I canít even get close to the window these days. I guess thatís another task for the to-do list. Besides, nobody has knocked on my door the last four years on Halloween. This makes five in a row.

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Iím dreaming tonight of the next four years without Dick Cheney telling me Iraq has been a ďremarkable success,Ē four years without Donald Rumsfeld saying that ďpeople are fungibleĒ (I had to look it up; it means ďinterchangeable,Ē and he was referring to soldiers in Iraq), four years without Karl Rove smearing the military record of John McCain (and John Kerry), and most of all four years without John Ashcroftís war on civil liberties and minorities. Oh, and four years without the front man for these guys, the ďcompassionate conservativeĒ who doesnít know the meaning of either word. Heíll be remembered, but he wonít be missed.

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