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Sunday, October 8, 2006

The road to recovery hasnít exactly been the smooth ride I was expecting, but Iím still headed in the right direction. A variety of symptoms come and go, but they donít seem to be well enough organized to hit me all at the same time, the way they did for most of the week. And my energy level has risen to about where it usually is. Which isnít all that high, to be perfectly honest, but itís what keeps me going.

The Nyquil gel caps I was using helped me sleep, without the nasty rotgut taste of the liquid stuff. I was determined not to stay on the medication any longer than I absolutely had to, so I quit Friday night and paid the price by not sleeping well, although it was less from the symptoms than from the fact that Iíd been lying around in a bloated mass for six days. Thereís only so much rest available in a week, and I think Iíd used mine up by Friday night.

But at least it was the weekend, so I could sleep as late as I needed to. And really, I think that what has me feeling so much better, overall. I tried to get a little work done during the day, but I guess I must be out of the habit, because I didnít try very hard. Iím pretty sure Iím ready to attack Monday with my usual enthusiasm, though.

2 October 2006

Jellyfish clouds.

Of course, every time I tell someone I think Iím over this cold, I go off on a sneezing jag or a coughing fit, or my eyes start burning and watering, and Iím knocked back a few pegs. So letís not go off half-cocked claiming any miracles here. I still have a few miles left before I get to the end of that road.

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Despite putting two teams in the playoffs, the National League West wonít have any representatives in the LCS, because the Dodgers were eliminated by the Mets yesterday, and today the Padres went down meekly before the Cardinals. The difference in this game was in the sixth inning, when the Padres misplayed a bases-loaded infield grounder into one run, and David Eckstein executed a perfect squeeze play on the very next pitch. The Cardinals went on to win, 6-2, eliminating the Padres in four games and moving on to face the Mets for the NL pennant. It was a matter of a team with a punchless offense (the Padresí two runs came on a bases-loaded walk and an infield out) playing a team that created runs when they needed them.

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