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Thursday, October 26, 2006

With less than two weeks left to wade through the California ballot, Iím still working on understanding all of the measures weíre voting on. Iím getting there, though. Iíve made half-baked preliminary decisions on most of them. Now I just have to find enough background to bolster my positions (or enough contradictory evidence to overturn them).

Iím pretty sure Iím voting no on Proposition 83. Just because you give it a name like Jessicaís Law doesnít make it a worthwhile or effective way to combat sex criminals. In fact, it seems that most of the hundreds of millions of dollars it will cost will go into keeping track of the offenders least likely to commit another crime. Plus, itís been tried in Iowa and has failed there. Iím not against putting away the bad guys, but I donít think thatís what this measure does, at least not in a way thatís likely to make our children any safer.

Proposition 84 is a bond measure that deals with water resources, and Iím definitely voting yes on that one because it hits me where I live. I mean, my company makes money helping the state keep its waterways safe and available to the general public. This yes vote is part self-interest (that is, job security) and part knowing where the state spends these kinds of funds (and knowing itís a good thing).

It seems to me we voted down something like Proposition 85 in last Novemberís election. This one would require parental notification and a waiting period before a minor can have an abortion. Evil, evil, stuff, and not only because itís a giant step toward making all abortions illegal (which obviously is the real goal of the writers). This isnít going to make children talk to their parents; instead it will drive a wedge between parents and children at a time when the children are most vulnerable. It takes a private decision and makes it the province of doctors, the courts and law enforcement. Thatís just wrong.

And now I only have five mores state measures to wade through. As I said, Iíve already made up my mind. Now I just have to get the facts.

16 October 2006

Cloud puppy.

Somehow today Hell Week morphed into Heck Week. The wind died down, and Iím sure that helped. And the Boss was mostly on good behavior, so I got a lot of the busy work done that Iíve been having to put off because of the constant crises. Now with five days left I can work on the projects that have to be completed by the end of the month. It might take all weekend, but I now have confidence that Iíll get it all done. Unless something else comes up, of course.

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The two teams playing in this yearís World Series have both had good pitching and not much hitting. So why are the Cardinals leading, three games to one? Well, a lot of it has to do with the fact that theyíre playing much better defense than the Tigers. Detroit pitchers have set a record by committing four errors in the Series, and theyíve all led to runs for St. Louis. Tonightís game featured slip-ups in the outfield by two Tiger players in the late innings, and the result was a predictable 5-4 Cardinal win, giving them the commanding lead. They can finish it off at home tomorrow night. The Tigers will need to win three in a row to stay alive.

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