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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When the earthquake hit a little after 8:00 last night, I was still working. Thatís how pathetic my October has been. If Iíd been reclining in my recliner, I might not have felt the room rumbling, but I was sitting at the computer, and the computer chair rolled a little. It wasnít a huge quake, at least not here in the North Bay, but it lasted a good long time.

Anyway, tremors notwithstanding, Iím glad to be shed of this month. This week has been typically gruesome. I didnít get the time cards from Tim until after 4:00 pm yesterday (and after the third time Iíd called and asked him about them), so I was stuck doing payroll until nearly 9:30 last night.

And I didnít get the sales tax information from Sanjay (I canít remember if thatís what I called him before, but Iím happy with the pseudonym) until today. Since today is the deadline, that meant bringing the papers home from the post office, signing them and writing the check, and then taking the completed return back to the post office. Thatís a lot of extra driving that I shouldnít have had to do, and in the afternoon on Halloween, when you just donít know what youíre going to find on the streets.

Everything I could do on my own this month, I did well within the parameters of the appropriate deadlines. Anything I had to depend on someone elseís input for, I barely scraped by on time.

But thatís all over now, and tomorrow starts a new and better month, which includes such attractions as Thanksgiving and jury duty. The closer we get to the end of the year, the more anxious I get about deadlines, but the things that had to be done by today got done, so Iíll allow myself to relax for a day or two before I start worrying again in earnest.

5 October 2007

Escaping cloud.

While Iím being grateful, allow me to express my relief that no trick-or-treaters showed up at my door tonight. This is my eighth Halloween in this house, and Iíve never had anyone come a-knockiní, but this was the first time I didnít have candy on hand, just in case. And weíve managed to push the end of daylight savings back a few weeks, so it was light for way too long. Not in and around my house, though; I made sure of that, and it worked. Not a knock.

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