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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Apparently my new fax/printer/etc. is a gas guzzler. If Iíd known that a week ago when I bought it, it might have been a deal-breaker. So Iím glad I didnít know, because other than the fact that it demands a new ink cartridge after only one week of use, I love the machine. It does everything better than any Iíve ever had, except for that one flaw.

When I woke up this morning the machine showed that a fax had been received, but it refused to print it because I was out of ink. I made an unplanned trip to the office supply store and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the ink cartridges are much cheaper than the ones for my old machine. Itís a good thing, considering how likely I am to have to replace them often.

After I came home and replaced the cartridge, page upon page came spewing out. The first ten pages were a quote I knew the Boss was waiting for, so I phoned him and he told me he already had it. Why the supplier faxed the quote to me in the first place I have no idea. I donít do any construction estimating here; all I do is pay the bills. For that I need an invoice.

Iím still thrilled with the new machine, and it makes me hungry for more. Unfortunately (for my hunger, anyway), I probably donít even need a new copier, because the fax/printer/etc. makes copies many times faster than the old one did. The Boss wants me to spend money to keep the office working efficiently, but I hate to do it just for the sake of doing it. I could use a new, high-speed paper shredder, I suppose. Thatís another machine that gets quite a workout around here.

5 October 2006

Cloud menace.

Iím guessing the smaller ink tanks contribute somehow to the superior quality of the printing that I get out of the new machine. At least, Iíd like to think so. Otherwise, it would be a matter of a deliberately designed inconvenience, and what engineer would want to put their name on something like that? I know if I were designing a product, Iíd want it to be perfect in every possible way. But maybe thatís just me.

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I used todayís spooky holiday as an excuse to stock up on something I really didnít need. I donít expect any trick-or-treaters out here in the wilderness, so I should have both bags of Snickers left over to ration out to myself over the next few months. I donít routinely buy candy bars, or anything else I like as much as Snickers, but Iím not above taking advantage of the situation. I didnít exactly cower in the dark, but I didnít leave my outside lights on, either. Itís not that I donít want to share my Snickers, but I wouldnít want to encourage people to figure out how to get to my door. Iíve made a good life out here by being hard to find.

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