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Friday, October 24, 2008

In a little over a week, California voters will have a unique opportunity. We will have a chance to strip some of our fellow citizens of their rights. Even in the enlightened twenty-first century, when it would seem these kinds of battles would have long since been fought and won, small minded people are still trying to minimize and marginalize an entire segment of society. Itís shameful and not a little shocking that weíre still fighting these battles.

Proposition 8 on the California ballot would revoke the right of same sex couples to marry. Itís a right they currently enjoy, the same as heterosexual couples, and yet there are some who would take that right away. There is no good reason to do that, other than prejudice and bigotry. Thereís no justification for treating people differently because of how theyíre wired or how they look or whom they love. Hate them all you want, but keep it to yourself and donít use state law to deprive them of rights theyíre entitled to by natural law.

The mark of a civilized republic is how the majority treats the minority. Just because one group has the numbers to oppress another doesnít mean thatís what they should do. And yet itís a battle weíve had to fight over and over in this country. It took almost a century after our nationís founding to outlaw slavery, and weíre still fighting the ashes of racism. It took another half century for women to be allowed to vote, and yet theyíre still fighting for equal pay.

It would be a shame to allow another blot on the liberty we so prize, and the equality we celebrate, by passing a measure that would promote inequality and deny liberty, and accomplish nothing positive for our society. People should vote according to their own consciences, but Iím voting no on Prop 8.

12 October 2008

Looking up.

Iím a child of the sixties. I believe in fighting for the rights of people who are being treated unfairly or inequitably. Iím not planning on marrying anyone of any sex. I donít even believe in marriage, but I donít believe in restricting that right to people who fit into an arbitrary, pointless, restrictive definition of who should be allowed to marry.

Besides, a vote for Prop 8 is a vote against Ellen. Who doesnít love Ellen?

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