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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The local college had a special pre-Halloween child-safe trick-or-treat program going on in their student housing today, and all four kids were enthusiastic participants in the happy extortion of candy and treats. Oh, there were negotiations that had to be made, of course. Aiden made up his mind that he was going to save his costume for the real Halloween, but he was convinced to throw on an old skeleton outfit and join the fun.

Naturally, I jumped at the invitation to tag along on this excursion. I won’t get to see them on Halloween itself, so this was my chance. Kylie was dressed in her second choice costume, as a fairy princess (wings, crown and all). D.J. and Dakota were the ones who wore the same costumes they will Friday. D.J. was the Grim Reaper, equipped with a scythe for, as he told me, collecting souls as well as candy. Dakota was the most gracious little skeleton you’d ever want to meet, never forgetting to say “thank you.”

The four of them cheerfully scampered around the dorms, looking for the doors with the special pumpkin drawings on them, because that’s where the students who had candy (and were home on a Sunday afternoon) lived. The only shaky moment came when Kylie thought it was her turn to shout “Pumpkin!” as they passed a doorway, and someone else shouted it before she had a chance. But it was the briefest (and cutest) of meltdowns, over before it could come to much of anything.

26 October 2008

Princess Kylie.

And before I knew it, it was over. They have busy lives, and I wear out easily, so I spent the rest of the day relaxing and getting ready to slog through another week.

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