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Thursday, September 21, 2006

When your bossís son hangs up on you, the first thing you want to know is whose side that boss will be on. So I asked him.

Tim has been out of town for a week and a half, but before he left he told me he had been unable to get the Kennelís website back on line. He knew a guy who knew a guy, but apparently none of these guys knew what they were doing. Julie had offered her expertise months ago to keep the site live, but as you know, Tim hates Julie, so he took it on himself. And promptly dropped the ball.

So it was my assignment to get the website working again. Naturally, I handed it off to Julie. Now, I knew at the time that there would be repercussions when Tim got back to town, but the Boss (remember him?) wanted the site back on line as soon as possible, and I knew Julie could get it done. We have been losing revenue during the months the site was gone, and the Boss was anxious to get it back.

And Julie came through. We now have a temporary site, with the promise of a highly interactive, multi-page permanent site, along with a contract to maintain the whole shebang that means no work for me. I heartily endorsed this turn of events, especially since she reversed the disastrous spin Tim had put us in. Somehow we lost our domain name, which ended up in the hands of a reseller from whom she managed to extricate it.

So this morning Tim was back in town and phoned to ask me if the problem had been handled. I told him it had been handled, and that Julie had done it. Well, youíd have thought I told him I handed her the key to his safety deposit box and the password to his secret porn sites. If Iíd been in the same room, I think he might have taken a swing at me. Then he hung up on me.

These things are best handled through channels. I phoned Julie to give her a heads-up, and she phoned the Boss to pass on my concerns. Then the Boss called me. Apparently he thought he was going to have to take me down off a ledge, but I just related what had happened. Tim was upset that he was ďleft outĒ of the decision-making, even though he was on a job site in Southern California during this whole time.

My hope was that I could get all this information across without seeming to try to come between the Boss and his son. Thatís a minefield Iíd rather not venture into, if you know what I mean. I didnít want to whine, ďTim was mean to me.Ē So I told the Boss that I would be very disappointed if Tim screwed up the good thing we have going. By that I mean specifically the new website, but the Boss took it to mean the whole organization in general, including Julie.

The Boss assured me that he wouldnít let anything screw up the good thing, as he understood it. He said he would always support his son, but he wouldnít always agree with him, and he wouldnít let him do anything that was against the best interests of everyone. I donít know how heís planning to reconcile the apparent contradiction, but believe it or not, heís pretty good in a minefield. He should be. Heís created enough of them.

15 September 2006

Storm clouds.

I donít know where the next twist in the road will come up, or if Iíll be able to navigate it safely. Iím pretty sure we got past this one, but I could be wrong about that, too. Tim could easily come back at me tomorrow and tell me to undo all the good things I think Iíve done. Or he could cop an attitude and decide that the next time heís wrong and Iím right, heís going to be right and Iím going to be wrong, no matter what. But I have faith that things will work out, one way or another.

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How do you score five runs in an inning with only two hits? How about if you get six walks and an error, on top of the two hits. Thatís the easy score the Giants handed the Brewers tonight, including two walks with the bases loaded on their way to a 9-4 loss to the Brewers. Two home runs by Moises Alou couldnít overcome twelve hits and two walks, as the Giantsí pitching meltdown continues. The loss drops them five games out of first place in the division, and behind three other teams in the wild card race. Hope is beginning to fade.

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