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Friday, September 22, 2006

Before I even got out of bed this morning, I could hear the wind howling through the trees along my lane. It was kind of freaky, because the weather has been so dry and Iíve been so haphazard about the brown grasses in my yard. My whole house is surrounded by a potential fire trap, under the right conditions.

This was no cooling breeze flowing in off the ocean, either. It was a hot wind stirred up in the valley and blowing back and forth in various directions, but generally out toward the coast. It was a little freaky, especially when I checked the news and found that there were fires burning throughout Northern California. There was a brush fire near Yountville, and a forest fires in Yolo County, and a fertilizer plant spreading fumes all over the Fairfield area.

Although I seemed to be surrounded by a burning ring of fire, I could smell no smoke, and there wasnít that haze in the sky. It was all blue above, and the air smelled no worse than usual. Thatís good, because itís been the stuff in the air thatís mostly kept me from working in the yard any more than Iíve already done. This has been a horrid couple of weeks for allergy sufferers, for some reason, so smoke in the air would be particularly unwelcome just now.

15 September 2006

Needle-nose cloud.

By this afternoon the wind had died down, here at least. It was a perfectly pleasant day, on the hot side but not unbearable. Fairly typical, in fact, of Indian summer in this area. Itís just that the grasses surrounding my house looked somehow a little browner and a little drier all of a sudden.

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The Giants have played some wild games on this road trip, and tonight was no exception. They scored four runs in the top of the first, and before they knew what hit them they were trailing, 9-4. Down 10-8 in the sixth, they got a three-run homer from Barry Bonds to give them the lead for the first time since the first. But the Brewers came from behind, scoring three in the eighth to beat the Giants, 13-12. Somehow it seemed like just another game, as the team plays out the string. Thereís just a little over a week left in the season, but they do finish with three against the Dodgers, so thereís always hope the year could be salvaged by knocking their hated rivals out of the playoffs. Hey, you take your consolation where you can get it, at this point.

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