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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unfortunately, even Leviís 501 jeans donít last forever. Thatís especially true when itís pretty much the only pants you wear, and you only have two pairs of them. I donít know how long itís been since I got a new pair, but itís been long enough that Iíve worn through the seat of one of them. Itís a little harder to get along with just one pair. You have to do laundry in the middle of the night, for one thing.

For the last few weeks (since the tear), Iíve been ďmeaningĒ to get to the mall and pick up some new Leviís. You know how well my good intentions get put into action, which is why Iíve been going on so long with just one functioning pair of jeans. This is one thing I canít buy on line, because Iím very particular about the shade of blue I want in my pants. It canít be too dark, but it canít be too light, either. Iím not sure why it matters, because nobody cares. But I do.

So today I had a few minutes around noon and found my way through all the road construction to the downtown mall. This mall used to have a locally-owned store that sold Leviís, but they went out of business ages ago, so I ended up at Sears. Well, itís a great American institution, and itís not Wal-Mart, and thatís about all I have to say about that. I was fully prepared to pay full price, but I was glad I grabbed a second pair, because when I got to the register, it turned out the second pair was half price. Woo hoo.

5 August 2008

Skeleton clouds.

And, come to think of it, Leviís are another great American institution. It says ďSan FranciscoĒ on the label, so itís almost like supporting a local business (even though theyíre made in Haiti now). Anyway, the nice thing about 501s is that you donít have to work hard to break them in, because they come that way. Thatís another reason I like to buy them in the store instead of on line. I check the rivets to make sure theyíre not loose. Wouldnít want the button fly not to do its job, you know. But Iíve never found a loose rivet yet. Good old American craftsmanship.

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