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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

If I ever die, Iíd like to happen peacefully, at the end of a long and successful life, surrounded by people I love and who love me. I would wish for people to have warm thoughts and nice things to say about me at my funeral. I donít think a person could ask for more than that, when the end comes.

Johnís dad, who died over the weekend, had his family by his side at the end. He had been in failing health for a long time (and, letís face it, he had been old for a long time, too), so it wasnít entirely unexpected. But that doesnít mean it wasnít hard to say goodbye. He was a good and gentle man, and that was the theme of his service this morning. He leaves us with a lifetime of warm memories, and he will be missed.

If I ever die, Iíd like to know that the people I left behind remembered me fondly. Iíd also like to think they would be kind to each other, and help one another through the sorrow. I would feel that the spirit of who I am would stay alive if the people who matter to me were drawn closer together. I think I could even leave peacefully, if I knew that would be the way things were afterward.

2 April 2008

Scene from the cemetery.

And from what I saw of the folks at the house after Samís funeral, it looked as if they were basking in the glow of a life well lived. He was also Eric and Davidís grandfather, and Aiden and Kylieís great grandfather, roles I think he cherished. I will always remember him as the man who never failed to say hello and ask about me, whenever we saw each other. I never saw him angry or heard him speak harshly to anyone. Thatís what Iíd aspire to leave behind, as well, if I ever die.

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