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Friday, April 4, 2008

Is this weird? (Stop that!) Biffle has been gone for more than 24 hours now, but I keep forgetting heís not still here. And itís not as if I paid much attention to him during the week he stayed with me. But he did sort of react whenever Iíd walk past his cage, and he chattered sometimes when he was feeling neglected. I also fed him twice a day and kept his water bottle filled.

Thatís pretty much it, though. We didnít engage in any deep philosophical discussions (Well, I did ask him what he thought was wrong with the Giantsí hitting this season. His opinion was that they might need their cage cleaned.) I donít recall caring, at any time during that week, how he reacted when I went in and out of the door, or turned the lights on and off, or sang along with the Jeopardy theme.

But since heís gone home (and it took me awhile to get rid of him; David and Tammy kept forgetting he was here, until I told them I was thinking of returning their guinea pig to the wild), I find myself thinking how he would react when I slam pots around in the kitchen, or turn the lights on at sundown. Itís not that I care how heíd react, but itís a passing thought that crosses my mind.

3 April 2008

The top of the broken birch is now hidden by the high grass, which really needs some attention.

Letís get one thing straight: I donít want a pet. Itís not selfishness; on the contrary, I donít think I have enough to offer a fellow creature. Iím too set in my ways. Iíve earned my solitude, and it suits me. Besides, the landlord doesnít allow pets here, so I make do with the lizards and turkeys. Theyíre not much for conversation, but frankly, neither was Biffle.

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