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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yes, as a matter of fact I did get out and work in the yard today. See? Iím not all talk and no action after all. I spent twenty whole minutes on the weed trimmer before quitting because my arm felt as if it were about to fall off. But that was enough to clear the paths that lead from my front door to the driveway and to the back yard. Itís not much, but itís a start. Still mostly talk and very little action, but at least itís not all and none.

That was almost the highlight of my day. The real highlight was my experience with Amazonís Kindle support team. The fact that I needed them at all was a little disturbing. I put my Kindle to sleep this afternoon and couldnít wake it up. So I went to the support site and typed in my phone number, and the phone started ringing as soon as I clicked ďPhone me.Ē Really! It was a machine calling me, of course, and I had to wait on hold, but not for long. And when the tech guy told me what to do, and it worked, I felt mildly euphoric about the whole experience. Things donít always go that smoothly, you know.

By the way, I still love my Kindle, after nearly a month. It may not be everyoneís cup of tea, reading on virtual paper instead of the actual kind, but Iíve learned to think of the books I read on Kindle as books, and not as pixel displays. And I do read a lot these days, way more than before I got my Kindle. Iíve never had the slightest speck of trouble until today, but the resolution was easy (open the back and push the Reset button), and the explanation was logical (sometimes it happens when the battery runs down while itís in sleep mode). Better still, I know what to do next time, if there is a next time.

5 April 2008

Believe it or not, it looks better now.

Unlike the Kindle, which I turn on and off several times a day, my weed trimmer has been on the battery charger since last summer. But it started right off when I fired it up this afternoon, and Iím sure, battery-wise, I could have kept going for much longer than my body was willing to let me last. The problem is that you have to steer it around the grass while holding two buttons in the ďonĒ position, one with each hand, and that takes a toll. So itís back on the charger tonight — maybe for a day, or a week, but probably not until next year this time.

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