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Sunday, August 1, 2010

For most of June and most of July, I wondered every morning whether today would be the day, and every night if this was the night. Just in case, I shaved every day during the worst part of it. If I had to be hauled off to the emergency room, I didnít want to look like a slob. On the worst days I wore my best underwear, too. Just in case.

Since we last met Iíve seen three different doctors. One was an eye doctor, but he might turn out to be the one who helps me the most. Iíll find out when I get my new glasses in a week or two. My regular doctor is treating me for high blood pressure (and to be fair, that seems to be working, although Iím not convinced the side effects of the medication arenít almost as bad as the condition itself).

While my doctor was inconveniently on vacation, I saw a fill-in doctor, because I wasnít sure Iíd make it until my doctor returned. Chest pains and dizziness were the symptoms, although the substitute ruled out any cardiac problems by giving me an EKG, which I passed with an A+. I think the relief of knowing that made the pains go away. (I also think a lot of it was stress over the other symptoms, and possibly a bit of indigestion, to which I am often susceptible.)

This fill-in doctor questioned me in depth and decided that the dizziness is likely caused by allergies, which as we all know have been worse for everyone around here this year than theyíve been for many years. He started me on pills and a spray and had the nurse wash the gunk out of my ears. I canít say that this was an absolute total instantaneous miracle cure, but I think itís helping. I still have dizzy spells sometimes, but not constantly like before, and not with the same degree of teetering.

I still teeter, but in a more upright fashion, with less chance of tottering all the way over. And I never did have to get hauled to emergency. So thereís that.

One way I added to the allergy fight on my own was hiring my yard guy to cut back the high grasses that surround my house. He also put down cardboard covered with wood chips in the area around my front door (the area I used to call my garden, although that description hardly applies now). At least it looks better, and at least it wonít need cutting again for years, instead of weeks.

26 July 2010

And there is more good news. Better news than anything, in fact. Kat and Eric are expecting a baby in early January. They are almost as thrilled as I am about this upcoming addition to the family. I already feel as if I know something about him or her. He or she will be quick thinking and articulate and will have an inquiring mind and a twisted sense of humor. Also, she (or he) will probably be a middle infielder, and hopefully a switch hitter.

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