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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A cornerstone of my personal philosophy is that if I complain about something, and that something changes, I have to be prepared to take advantage of it. Thatís how I found myself sitting in the bleachers at Ericís baseball game this afternoon. It was a bright sunshiny day, the kind Iíve been lamenting the lack of. And I havenít been getting out much these last few months, as you know. So I went and sat in the sun for an hour and a half.

Thatís as long as I could last, because the sun was accompanied by the kind of breeze that carries all the bad things that make my allergies flare up. Four innings was almost half the game, though, and I did get to see Eric hit once and make a couple of plays in the field, which is more than Iíve been able to see in a long time. And his team was way behind when I left, so itís not as though I thought I might be missing a wild victory celebration by not staying to the end.

7 August 2010

Besides, as much as I enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, Iím not used to it. It kind of wears me out, getting too much of it at once. And I could feel the back of my neck starting to burn. And there were bees buzzing around the bleachers. Many good reasons not to stay. But I wanted to go because (a) itís been too long, and (2) I never know when I might be able to do it again.

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