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Friday, August 6, 2010

Wherever I go, people are trying hard to be upbeat about the weather. As the year without a summer continues, every drop of golden sun has us looking at the blue patches in the sky in the hope that this is the day we finally get something besides dense clouds and an icy breeze out of stubborn Mother Nature. Looks like its turning into a nice day, the guy at the bank said to me today. Dream on, buddy. It didnt turn into anything.

Believe me, Im not asking for the kind of summer people in the East and Midwest have to endure. I did once like hot weather more than I do now, but between 100 degree temperatures and 100 percent humidity, or what were getting here in the North Bay, Ill take this. It does get old, though. It feels like a permanent mantle of depression, the emotional kind as well as the meteorological kind.

Its like having an air conditioner with no off switch. In fact, the fog and low clouds would hug the coast on normal summer days in past years, but by mid morning theyd be gone in inland areas like the patch of ground where I live. Then every three or four days, after what passes for a heat wave here, the fog would stay inland for a day or two. We call it our natural air conditioning. This summer has been unnaturally gloomy, though.

Every time we do have a warm day, as rare as they are, its a reason to rejoice. We do have a few of those, even during this non-summer, and maybe its their rarity that has brought me out of the house and into the world when they occur. I even got a bit of a sunburn last week on the one day the sun was bright enough to do that to me. I should thank the climate changers for forcing me to enjoy the outdoors when I can.

3 August 2010

Of course, during most of this summer, such as it is, I was so wrapped up in my physical problems that getting outside was out of the question, no matter what the weather was. Im more than grateful that (a) I can now do pretty much anything I want, inside or out, and (2) my complaints are now about something so inconsequential, compared to what they were for two months.

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