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Monday, December 26, 2005

I had no reason to peel myself out of bed early this morning, so I didnít. I had no reason to leave the house at all today, so I didnít do that, either. It seemed to be a good day to start getting back into my normal rut— er, routine, so I tried. I even did a dash of work this afternoon, although it was pretty much limited to writing my own personal paycheck.

And then I spent some time paying my own personal bills. As I opened each envelope, I was repeatedly horrified at how much Iíd spent. When I got to my utility bill, it was exactly a hundred dollars higher than last monthís ($69 to $169). Needless to say, even after the paltry bonus I got last week, I am now broke again, with both car registration and car insurance due before the middle of January.

But I did manage to spend more money on myself today, thanks to the generosity of the credit card companies that keep insisting on raising my limit. I wanted an XM radio and XM subscription, so I ordered myself one. I got a significant discount on the equipment, thanks to DirecTV, so I donít feel as bad as I should about spending the money. But if Iíd paid those bills before I placed the order, instead of after, I probably wouldnít have done it at all.

One positive sign is that I seem to have my appetite back for the first time in four days. Friday and Saturday I couldnít eat at all, and although I filled my plate at Christmas dinner yesterday, I couldnít finish it. It was embarrassing. Iím usually such a good eater. Often Iím the last one left at the table, because Iíve taken one more helping. (This applies only to when Iím eating at someone elseís house. When I eat at home, I donít do that.)

25 December 2005

Judging Kylie's expression, the Bears just scored another touchdown.

I also had enough energy this afternoon to unpack my new Cuisinart blender-slash-food processor and assemble it and clear off enough counter space for it. Now all thatís left is using it for the first time. Iím thinking Iíll get some basil at the store tomorrow and make some pesto sauce. That ought to break the machine in.

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Some of my best friends celebrate Hanukkah, and to them (and to everyone) I wish joy and peace beyond all reasonable expectation.

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