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Friday, December 4, 2009

If interrogated vigorously enough, Iíd be forced to admit that as I make my way through the supermarket checkout line, I sometimes glance at the pictures and headlines in the tabloid newspapers so generously displayed for my diversion. I donít feel good about it, but they are colorful and eye-catching, and itís hard to look away when I see ďOPRAHĒ in bold print, or pictures of wan-looking celebrities supposedly dying of exotic diseases. Since I know that most of the ďnewsĒ is made up, I donít generally pay attention to the actual content.

The woman in front of me in line today was about my age (or perhaps a little younger, since I tend to think of myself as younger than I actually am). She was friendly and kind enough to let the young woman who was buying only two deli sandwiches (and therefore should probably have been in the express lane) go ahead of her. Her cart wasnít even close to full, which is why I parked mine behind it. It wasnít the shortest line, but it was the line with the emptiest carts.

1 December 2009

Because she was talking to me (and everyone else), I noticed what she was buying. Ordinarily I try not to notice, although there isnít much else to do, especially when the line is moving slowly. She had two boxes of dried fruits, so I assume she was going to make fruitcake. She also had one paperback book and at least eight tabloids. She and the clerk had a brief conversation about a recently infamous golfer, and then she moved on and it was my turn. Iím just glad I didnít roll my eyes, which would have been my normal tendency. Itís hard to be restrained and nonjudgmental sometimes.

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