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Saturday, December 5, 2009

This was no day to be a hermit. No, wait. It was no day to be a cave-dwelling hermit. It was okay to embrace my hermit side, as long as I took some small advantage of the last rays of sunshine we’re likely to see for awhile. The forecast for Monday is rain with lows in the mid twenties. That sounds like it could end up something other than rain, but I’m no meteorologist (just a hermit with a passing interest in weather).

So I spent some time in the yard today. Not actually doing anything, because after all, what is there to do but pick up some of the stray branches left from the last windstorm? I mostly wanted to feel the fresh air and a little warmth that wasn’t going to cost anything on my utility bill. Any warmth I might get for the rest of the winter could be at a price.

Once the sun started to go down this afternoon, it cooled off fast. Time flies when you’re having sunny winter days. In partial compensation, the nights are ever so long.

1 December 2009

This might have been the last time I could walk out my driveway to the mailbox on the street without pulling on the winter boots. The worst part of winter, besides the power outages and icy winds and constant darkness dawn to dusk, is the way the mud accumulates in my drive and then won’t go away. It makes winter seem even longer and drearier than it actually is. I was glad to have one last day of reprieve (and maybe one more tomorrow) before the season takes over.

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