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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It wasnít me at all. I wasnít the reason the Big Project didnít get finished today (although I was the one who didnít do it). Late this afternoon, as I was smelling the finish line and getting a second wind to get there, I hit a little bump in the road. I had to ask the Boss for some information that I didnít have. Something didnít make sense, and he was the only one who could solve it for me.

So I faxed him a note, asking why the contract amount for one particular project was several thousand dollars below the amount we actually received. It didnít seem very likely that the owner would have voluntarily paid us more than we were entitled to. I suggested to the Boss that if thatís the case, why wouldnít we keep sending him bills to see if heíd keep paying?

Anyway, I didnít get an answer in time to do anything about it today. I was just getting ready to leave for the gourmet food party at Tammy and Davidís house when the Boss called back, but it wasnít to give me an answer as much as it was to clarify the question. I know how badly he wants me to finish, so I expected an answer soon, and sure enough, there it was on the fax when I got home from the party.

11 February 2007

Over the fence.

Tammy told me I had to come to her party, but she said I didnít have to buy anything. But after sampling so many good sauces and mixes and the like, I could hardly keep from buying one of everything we were served. I didnít, but I did spend a lot more money than I ever thought I would. Itís all stuff I can use, though, so itíll be okay. And it was worth it to drive down there in the rain, because I got to see the kids. Kylie shared her sippy cup with me (tried to, anyway, and I went along with it). Aiden chose me to help him put his pajamas on. D.J. and Dakota breezed through the room every once in a while, too. It was fun, even if I did spend too much money.

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