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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Never in my life have I had enough fun on a Saturday night to justify how miserable I was this Sunday morning. Never. Ever, especially this week. Last night I watched two episodes of The War on DVD and sipped tepid tea. So today I spend the whole morning in the bathroom? Whatís fair about that?

At least it was one of those days when my toilet was running freely. It was raining hard when I went to bed last night and when I got up this morning, so it must have stopped for awhile during the night. The toilet only flushes itself properly after a period of non-rain. I could see by the ground water level in my yard that it couldnít have rained that hard all night, and I have to be grateful for that.

To be honest (with myself, that is, because I'm always honest with you), I knew this was coming on. I felt a bit off all day yesterday. I donít think itís any kind of stomach virus or flu, though. Itís just one of those digestive cycles that I go through from time to time. Maybe itís one of the new recipes I tried this week, or the really old package of dates I found in the back of the refrigerator and couldnít bring myself to throw away. Anyway, Iím just sickly, not sick-sick. I felt better as the day went on, but for some time I was wondering if Iíd get to see any of the Super Bowl at all.

I was going to make burritos tonight. I have all the fixings, including the jalapeŮos, but something blander seemed more in order. Ever since I learned how to make grilled cheese sandwiches using the toaster and the microwave, Iíve gone a little crazy with them. Theyíre not quite as good as the best sandwiches that come off an actual grill, but theyíre as good as anything Iíve ever been able to make the old-fashioned way. And no work at all, which is the real appeal, of course.

3 February 2008

After the rain stopped this afternoon, a flock of turkeys wandered through my yard.

As for the game, it was entertaining, with an ending that couldnít possibly have been written by a screenwriter, since theyíre still on strike. So I guess it really happened. The commercials, as usual, had their ups and downs. The beer and soft drink ads were on the whole way better than the car ads. That Anheuser Busch really knows how to sell a product. (Iím not buying, though. Not today, anyway, because my stomach couldnít take it.)

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