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Monday, February 4, 2008

In this ever-changing world in which we live in, the price of the local newspaper went up as of today from 25c to 50c. That means, if you’re following along at home, that I will no longer be buying the paper at the newsstand outside the post office, or anywhere else. For a quarter I was happy to have a page of comics and a daily Sudoku and word jumble. For fifty cents, I’ll find something else to do in my “free” time.

Anyway, they recently changed the comics page, eliminating Sally Forth and a few other old favorites (and Cathy). I can read all the comics I want on line. I can find plenty of puzzles there, too, as far as that goes. As for the news, I get a dozen news feeds via RSS, and I use HotSheet to find other sources, and I don’t need to be buying dead trees as well. So thanks, Press Democrat, for giving me the opportunity to save my quarters and the forests.

By the way, my spell checker wants to change “Sudoku” to “Studbook,” which I don’t think is available in the paper, even for half a buck. (It’s what? Horse breeding? Zoo populations? Never mind, then.)

4 February 2008

Branching off.

The potholes (or are they chuckholes?) on Fulton Road are as bad as ever, but there’s another storm due in Wednesday, so why should the city bother? My car has enough power to get through them. Maybe they’ll have them fixed by the time I get my hybrid, in a year or two.

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