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Friday, February 5, 2010

There was a day this week (letís call it ďWednesdayĒ) when I got simply overwhelmed by all the negative energy I was encountering. It seemed to be everywhere, and it got me to the point where I just couldnít deal. I turned away from the computer altogether and dealt crisply and curtly with anyone I absolutely had to talk to on the phone. Whatever it was, I didnít want to hear it.

A couple of days later, after thinking over my irrational response, I realized that I wasnít being very nice. And I also realized that there are different types of negativity, and some of it is necessary. I find that I donít mind hearing people air legitimate complaints, no matter what theyíre about. What I donít like, and will not tolerate (unless I have to), is the hating. I canít stand the hating, and I plan to avoid the haters as much as I can.

Thatís going to cut down on a lot of my internet time, because the place is loaded with haters. They donít like anything, and if itís something I like, they usually donít like it even more.

Furthermore, if they donít like it, they donít think anyone should like it, and they look down on anyone who does. Thatís when the snark turns nasty. And thatís what Iíve begun shunning. I had to unfollow several people on Twitter for that very reason. Itís especially bad when the nasty snark isnít even funny. I can put up with a bit of funny snark, but the plain, unvarnished negativity thatís out there? Not so much.

In other words ďI hate LostĒ isnít a legitimate Status Update, in my opinion. And neither is ďI hate ObamaĒ (or ďI hate Bush,Ē for that matter). On the other hand, ďI hate the DodgersĒ is a different matter entirely.

5 February 2010

Now, Iím as guilty as the next person of contributing to the negative atmosphere that sometimes pervades the webosphere. Iíve done my share of whining, sometimes for days or weeks or months on end. Now that Iím aware of how it makes me feel, though, Iím going to assume it isnít much fun for other people, either. Iíll still complain about the weather once in awhile, or bad drivers. But Iíll try to curtail the gratuitous griping even more than I already do. Thatís why I only write about books and movies I like. Maybe I can translate that attitude to life in general. Itís worth a shot.

Iím pretty sure I have expressed this poorly. I have a right to feel bad, and a right to complain, and so do you. I donít have to listen to people trash each other for no reason that matters to me, though. (There, I think I said what I wanted to say in one sentence. Glad you made it this far.)

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