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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Waiting is not my thing at all, especially if thereís any uncertainty involved. If I know exactly what Iím waiting for, and exactly how long it will take, I can be the soul of patience. But waiting and waiting and nothing happening? Itís the worst kind of torture I can ever put myself through.

When I took my car in to the Saturn dealer this morning, I asked Sadie at the desk if I could get a ride back to my house. It was a major service, and they had the starter problem to deal with, so I knew it would take too long for me to wait in their lounge, as I usually do. I didnít even take a book, but I should have, because an hour after Sadie told me it would be fifteen minutes until the shuttle driver got back and could take me home, I had to remind her I was there.

At first I sat and read the newspaper, while the three women who were also waiting talked. I joined in the conversation once, when none of them could think of the name of Cherís daughter, and I happened to know it was Chastity.

I also knew that Chastityís father was Sonny Bono, not That Blond Guy With the Long Hair, which is what the woman who likes the Millionaire show (because she learns so much from it) thought. I also knew the name of That Blond Guy, but I didnít volunteer it. I went back to my paper.

People started coming and going, and I started pacing. It seems that I spent most of my day pacing. At least, thatís how it feels, and since pacing isnít one of the items on my to-do list, it doesnít give me much satisfaction. Not the best way to spend my time, even though it was the closest thing to power walking that Iíve done all year.

When I got tired of pacing, I walked out to the reception desk, and Sadie gasped. She said she thought I had already left, but Iím sure she just forgot about me. It wasnít the first time thatís happened, and it wonít be the last, but I didnít tell her that. She phoned her driver, and then told me he was three minutes away. I sat in the chair next to her desk to wait this time. She wasnít going to forget me again.

So almost two hours after I left home, I got back and tried to get some work done. But really, I was waiting again, waiting for the call that would tell me my car was ready and all my problems were over. Sadie finally called at 3:30 pm, and she again told me that the driver would be back from a run in fifteen minutes. At 4:30, I called her, and she apologized. He had ďjust leftĒ for my house, and she was sorry he had forgotten to let me know he was on his way.

I nearly decided to call again, twenty minutes later. Even in the worst traffic, it should take no more than ten minutes to drive from the dealership to my house. I can do it in five, but I didnít expect the shuttle driver, who is over 70 and was celebrating his birthday today (and was hoping to get off early, he had told me earlier in the day), to hit the speeds I normally do on my own road. I just kept waiting. And waiting.

25 January 2006

Here's the big pile of mud that was removed from my driveway.

It was almost 5:30 pm by the time I was home for good. Because it had taken so long, I never made it to the post office, so I donít know if the big check I was expecting got here or not. I didnít feel up to making another trip out, because I was exhausted from all that pacing. Thereís no way I can concentrate well enough to get much work done when Iím waiting and waiting and I donít know whatís going to happen next. This was pretty much a wasted day, except for all the extra exercise I got.

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Oh and the car? I have no idea if they fixed the starter problem, because they werenít sure. They found a ďtamper codeĒ in the computer, and they explained that the car is not supposed to start if the computer thinks the locks have been tampered with. So they deleted the code, and now weíll hope for the best. They donít expect it to happen again. I sort of do.

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