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Saturday, January 2, 2010

It canít be New Yearís every day, can it? At some point we have to resume the normal flow of time, and not slow it down and examine it so closely. Every day canít be so important that we use it make great decisions (or lists, endless lists). We pick through the other 364 days of the year, and make some of them important. Others we just lose along the way.

A lost day today, or just another Saturday? Iím still deciding. I sat down to do more work of the type I did yesterday with some success, and then I got two faxes from the Boss (letter to type, mailing labels to send him) and an email from Tim (something he wants me to sign and mail to the insurance company). I guess a couple of minor interruptions shouldnít have thrown me off so, but I gave up after that. Tomorrow is another day (that I shouldnít spend working).

Obviously, the Boss canít type his own letters. He prints pretty well, but itís hard to convince him that he should do business that way. Iíve hinted over the years that he should have a secretary, but his response is pretty clear. Why should he hire someone else when he has me? I canít argue with that, but I canít help thinking that if he had a computer of his own, he would (a) learn how to use it, and/or (2) find a way to get someone else to use it to do what he wants. He has his ways of getting people to do things. Iím a good example of that.

1 December 2009

As for the insurance form, I had no idea what I was signing, but I signed it anyway. Iím kind of a rebel that way. It was a two-page pdf file that Tim sent me. He does have his own computer, but why he couldnít print, sign and mail the document himself is part of the great unknowable mystique of Tim. Iím there to fill in the gaps. It makes his life so much easier, knowing that whatever holes he makes in the fabric of time, someone will do whatever it takes to keep the clocks running.

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