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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Itís amazing how much water the ground will hold, but itís also amazing where that water goes when the ground wonít hold any more. The drainage ditches on my street gave it up to the street itself, and I found myself driving through standing water on the way to the post office this morning. (But not on the way back, since I took a different route.)

As you know, my driveway slopes down toward the garage, and as always, no matter what preventive steps I take, the garage flooded after last nightís massive storm. The driveway itself is a sloppy mess, and in order to get to it from my front door I have to wade through a puddle. Thatís because the low point of the walkway between house and drive is the only part of it with no paving stones.

And, of course, as happens every wet winter, my toilet isnít flushing properly and my shower drains slowly. Life in the countryside is one adventure after another this time of year. At least we havenít yet had the power go out here. I donít understand it, because my house is usually the first to lose power, but so far this time itís everyone elseís problem. No roof leaks (yet), either.

20 January 2010

Itís actually the sounds of the storm that bring it to life. The rumbling thunder claps. The rain blown sideways and peppering the window like buckshot. The wind roaring through the trees. At one point today I had to go outside and check to make sure nothing had fallen on the rooftop. From the sound, it could have been an oak branch, or maybe a local bird of prey had dropped a baby elephant on me. (It was nothing, though, apparently.)

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