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Thursday, July 4, 2002

The Fourth of July means a big celebration. Or a small celebration with a lot of people, which is what we had today (and tonight). Sometimes we forget why we're celebrating, but only for a minute, really. We know in general terms what it means, and we live it every day, just by going about our lives.

Summer in America. Independence Day. It wouldn't be quite the same without the usual rituals, like:



kids climbing trees

Kids climbing trees.

chillin' with dad

Chillin' with Daddy.

hanging with the cousins

Hanging with the cousins.

watching the fireworks

Watching the fireworks (from a safe distance).

I'm leaving for ten days on the houseboat at Shasta Lake tomorrow morning at five o'clock. Entries will be written while I'm gone and posted when I return. The next live appearance at this venue will be July 14 or 15. If you want to be notified by email when the next entry is posted (and the one after that and the one after that), join the list. Either way, I'll see you in a week and a half.

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