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Friday, July 5, 2002

I'm writing this while sitting in a lounge chair on the top deck of a houseboat that's tied up in a cove at Shasta Lake, at the north end of California. I'm also writing it in longhand in a yellow steno pad, because I'm totally cut off from all things electronic. I don't even have a cellular phone, although there are enough of those on the boat to supply about half of an eighth grade class.

Eric picked me up this morning at 5:15, and we rode up together squinting at the rising sun and watching out for radar-equipped highway patrol cars. Even with a leisurely breakfast stop at the Black Bear Diner in Willows, we made it to the lake by 9:30, and we had the vehicles unloaded and most everything stowed by 11:00.

We weren't quite ready to take the houseboat out of the marina yet, because there were lots of other people to wait for. We weren't sure why they were so far behind us, but as soon as we heard that all was well and they were headed in, we took off scouting for locations to tie up for the night. It's a busy holiday weekend, so we were lucky to find a spot both scenic and protected from wakes and wind. It isn't fully protected, but it'll do.

Shasta Lake

An old, weathered dock section rests on the bank above our cove.

After two and a half hours' sleep and a long drive, I wasn't ready yet to take full advantage of being here. An early night will help. We'll see how late I can sleep in tomorrow.

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