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Monday, July 8, 2002

The storm clouds we had with us all afternoon yesterday passed without dropping anything on us. We had another clear, starry sky last night, but it was chilly with a cool breeze that gusted up to a cold wind every so often, blowing right through my sleeping bag. This morning I didn't want to get up until the sun hit me, and when I came downstairs it was 8:15. That was just fine.

By the middle of the afternoon, any breeze was welcome. Shade would have been welcome, too, but there was little to be found outside. I took my book up on the top deck of the houseboat and sat under the canopy. I think I read for two minutes and slept for two hours. Fitfully, because music was coming from everywhere (or so it seemed).

Then later I sat on the front deck while everyone else was out back, swimming and lounging and having fun. But there was no relief from the sun in the back, and my skin was already pink enough. So I waited.

There really isn't any afternoon shade where we are now, but sooner or later the sun goes down. We had one more birthday to celebrate, and this time dinner was on our houseboat. I even got to help skewer the kebabs, so I felt as if I were contributing in some (very) small way. Anyway, the point I was getting to is that by that time (sundown, that is) I could sit comfortably on the back deck and eat. And eat and eat.

Shasta Lake

Alexa on a raft (almost).

It wasn't a kid's birthday this time, but Tami, as the mother of four incredible children, deserves to be celebrated. We didn't have a cake for her but managed to stick a candle in a Hostess cupcake.

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