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Monday, July 3, 2006

Itís as if the monster swallowed the whole world today. The good part is that there was almost no traffic on the streets when I ran my errands this morning. And on a Monday, too! Not that I had all that many places to go, or all that much ambition to run all over town, but I could have if Iíd felt like it. So thatís the good part.

The not so good part is: Where is everybody? This isnít a real holiday, is it? Iím not a civil servant, and I wasnít trying to contact any government offices anyway. I just wanted a response from the Boss. Not only was he not available, but his fax machine must have run out of paper, because it wasnít accepting anything I was trying to send it.

Now thatís a problem because I canít clear anything off my desk and get on with my work until Iíve faxed copies of all the new invoices to the Boss. He insists on seeing every invoice when it comes in, and a copy of every check when itís paid. Itís a big copying job every time I do a check run, and since I donít have a real copier I have to use my old, slow fax/printer to make these copies. Itís tedious and time-consuming just to talk about (isnít it?), much less to do.

Today, when I couldnít reach the Boss or Julie, I almost went on strike. I thought, if I canít do my job the regular way, with almost constant interaction with the two people who (a) seem to need to know my every move, and (2) have all the answers I need when I have questions I need to ask, then why should I work? Why shouldnít I declare it a holiday?

Itís a funny thing, though. I was just going to tie up a few loose ends and then disappear into the new book Iíve just started reading, but one thing led to another and before I knew it Iíd spent the whole day working, just like any other Monday. Well, except for the fact that I was all alone on my tiny planet.

3 July 2006

Tonight's modest sunset.

Hereís the kicker. Since Tim didnít get me the time cards, the only way I can get payroll out on time this week is if I spend the whole Fourth of July doing it. The one day that actually is supposed to be a holiday, and I canít get out of working. (And I know the Boss was around yesterday, because he started faxing me things at 9:00 Sunday morning. I didnít respond.)

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I could be bitter about the fact that Omar Vizquel was left off the NL all-star team in favor of Edgar Renteria, whose batting average is lower and whose fielding percentage is much lower, but Iím so happy to have the chance to watch Omar play shortstop for the Giants every day I canít be bitter. (Okay, maybe a little.) Tonight Vizquel had three singles and a triple to help lead the Giants to a 9-6 win over the Rockies. Pedro Feliz (who could also be an all-star) had a double and a home run, his fourth in five games, as the team rapped out 17 hits in the ďnewĒ Coors Field, which is supposed to be a pitcher-friendly ballpark these days.

With their sixth win in eight games, the Giants have moved within a half-game of first in the highly disrespected NL West, which has only six players on the 31-man NL roster. Their only all-star, Jason Schmidt, probably wonít even appear in the all-star game because heís scheduled to pitch Sunday against the Dodgers. I donít see him missing that start. (I can see two Pirates on the team, since the game is in Pittsburgh this year. But three Phillies? Three Braves? Two Marlins? All of those Eastern teams have worse records than any team in the West.)

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