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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Maybe I should stop quoting every clever thing Aiden says and just accept the fact that he talks like a three-year-old (at least, even though he just turned two last month). I mean, Im still blown away by the complex sentence structure and nonlinear thought processes, but Im not sure it translates well to the page.

Last night I spent a couple of hours with him and Kylie and David. Tammy is out of town for the weekend, so David is kind of stuck with the two little ones. Not that he minds, of course. Hes the best daddy in the world, but I was happy to absorb some of the toddler witticisms and deflect a little of the energy for a while.

Actually, Aiden was asleep on the sofa when I walked in. It looked as if hed be out for a long while, but a few minutes after I sat down and started talking to David, he woke up as if by magic and without even turning over said, Hi, Uncle Mike. And it wasnt two minutes before he said, Will you play cars with me? I have to go the little cars. And we raced matchbox cars around the living room carpet for a few minutes.

When David went out on the patio to put steaks on the grill, Aiden followed and put a stick on his toy version. Im barbecuing a steak, he told me. I need to put ketchup and mustard on it. Sit on the bench and Ill bring you a steak. It was a long stick, so he sat next to me and ate the other end while I enjoyed my half. I need more ketchup, he announced, then got up and got some.

He loves to play with water (who doesnt?). He said Wheres my watering can, Uncle Mike? I pointed it out to him, and he said, I need to get some water in it. The faucet is stuck. Can you help me? So I helped him put some water in his watering can, and he said, Im going to water the flowers mud, which is a sort of charming way to describe that aspect of gardening.

When I was getting ready to leave, he was jumping up and down on the sofa next to me. Im kind of bouncy, he said, like Tigger.

3 June 2006

Aiden on his bike (last month, since I didn't have my camera this time).

Kylie is getting to the stage where she chatters baby nonsense syllables (whole sentences, actually). Shes standing and walking around the furniture now, but I havent seen her stand on her own yet (although Ive heard that shes done it, at least once, probably by accident). She gets around well enough by crawling, and shell even crawl in my direction, but she wont quite come all the way. At her age, or a little younger even, Aiden was crawling over me as I sat on the floor. Little sister has a more cautious type of personality, but well get there.

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Later last night, Aiden was crying inconsolably and rubbing his eyes, and David ended up taking him to the ER. It was the usual Friday night zoo there, no place for babies, so he let him sleep most of it off and took him back this morning. He has a scratch on his eye, not much anyone can do, but hes doing better already. Its a scary thing for a toddler. Its a scary thing for a father, too.

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