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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hopes are so sky high now that Iíll be devastated if the new fix for the Internet problem doesnít work. This is like an oasis, or at least a roadside Dairy Queen. After this long trek through the desert, itís hard to believe that everything is going to be okay, for the price (five dollars) of a little plastic part. But so it seems, and I choose to remain hopeful. Cautiously hopeful, of course, me being me and all.

The FedEx guy brought the splitter at 2:00 pm today, and it didnít take me long to test it. I havenít sent or received any faxes yet, while the modem has been working, but I havenít needed to. Iíll be relieved when the first fax comes in without kicking me off line. Thatís what started this ordeal, and I choose to believe itís over. And Iíll keep saying that until I stop thinking that maybe it isnít.

I think I solved this problem by persistently refusing to pursue the one option that was available: making repeated calls to the phone company for technical support. I gave it one try (or two, actually) last Friday, and when I was disconnected twice in a row, I almost gave up. But I did my research on line (in the evening, natch, since I had no choice), and I found a solution that I thought would work. And so far it has.

1 July 2009

Inside the old oak in midsummer.

This just reinforces my philosophy of not making phone calls. Itís always a last resort for me, and Iíve become very creative at workarounds. There are so many other ways to go that I havenít had to make that phone call for a long, long time. The one exception, the one to the phone company, was such a disaster that Iím even more sure this is the way I want to deal with problems. Itíll be an even laster resort after that.

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Cardinals 2, Giants 1, 10 innings. The Giants played from behind the whole game, but donít blame starting pitcher Matt Cain, who seemed to be in the stretch all the way yet pitched out of it, except for one error-aided run in the first. It was 1-0 until the Giants scratched out the tying run in the eighth, but it should have been more. They loaded the bases with no outs but could get only a single run, on a sacrifice fly by Bengie Molina. This is the kind of game this team is supposed to win, as opposed to the high-scoring affairs of the last few days. But this time they didnít have enough, and Colby Rasmusís tenth-inning homer off Bobby Howry ended it.

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