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Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is going to take some getting used to, this business of having Internet access all day long. It feels weird, because itís been so long. I have a tendency to go one of two ways. Either I get lost in reading sites and tweets while an hour goes by without my noticing, or I completely forget that I have access to the world wide world. If I have a question, I donít have to wait until 6 pm to Google an answer. I need to remember that.

So today, while I was working (and I cannot emphasize that enough, although I probably already have), I upgraded my browser and downloaded music. I also spent way less time playing Solitaire and InkBall today, so itís a net gain for my productivity. Unless, of course, you consider Solitaire and InkBall productive. Thatís kind of a stretch, though, even for slackerly me.

Last night I was so excited I couldnít sleep. It was like waiting for Santa to drop in. Itís been a long time since I wanted morning to get here so badly. Itís not that I had any big plans, itís just that it was the next best thing to starting a new life, or maybe to being on the Internet for the first time.

2 July 2009


Itís a bit of an overreaction, I know, but at least for once I had an excuse for not sleeping. A better excuse than the usual, which is that I donít want to go to bed while there are still things to do. This time I did want to sleep, and thatís why I couldnít. It makes sense, if you donít think about it too hard.

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Cardinals 5, Giants 2. The Giants were behind from the first inning on, and it looked as if they were going to go down without a fight. Thatís not what this yearís team is about, though, and although they came up short in runs, they did out-hit the Cardinals. A bright spot: The bullpen shut out the Cardinals from the fifth inning on, and Albert Pujols was held hitless (mostly because they walked him twice).

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