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Sunday, June 4, 2006

I was in shutdown mode today, all day. Part of it was the stress of health issues that Iíve been dealing with. My emotional exhaustion has manifested itself in the fact that I could barely keep my eyes open today, even during the last 20 laps of a very exciting race.

Some of the problem was residual pain in my right arm, but most of it is probably anxiety over my blood test tomorrow. I almost talked myself out of it, because after all, tomorrow is Monday and whatever I plan for Monday never works out the way it should. I could think of a dozen reasons to put it off until Tuesday.

But I left the door open by starting my fast at 8:00 tonight, as planned. Thatís the only way I can have had nothing to eat for fourteen hours, once 10:00 tomorrow morning comes around. I stuffed myself earlier in the evening so that I wouldnít be tempted, and I can have all the water I can drink, so itís not that bad.

3 June 2006

Aiden and David assembling the wheelbarrow.

So I really have no excuse not to get this over and done so I can move on to whatever the next crisis turns out to be. And I think all this anxiety I felt today helped move me in that direction. I wouldnít want another day like this. Especially if itís a Monday. (That doesnít mean I wonít change my mind at the last minute in the cold light of day, though.)

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Itís not often you can blow a two-run lead in the tenth inning and still come back to win the game, but thatís what the Giants managed today. They managed to give up two runs in the bottom of the tenth on solo home runs off their closer, Armando Benitez, who made the least of his return to New York this weekend. But they put together a winning rally in the top of the twelfth, and their closer of the future, Jeremy Accardo, put the Mets away in the bottom of the winning to secure the 7-6 win on getaway day. The Giantsí leading run-producer this season is not any of the famous names that make daily headlines. Itís third baseman Pedro Feliz, and it was his single that won the game.

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