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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

After nearly a week, I think Iím finally beginning to process what the doctor was trying to tell me about the pain in my arm. When he told me to rest it and use ice, my first thought was that this was going to improve the condition that causes the pain, but now Iím thinking differently. Now Iím thinking that when he said to let the pain be my guide, he meant that I might as well keep working, because the pain is always going to be there.

So ďwork till it hurtsĒ apparently means ďwork till you canít stand how much it hurts.Ē And I can live with that. If itís not going to get any better, maybe itís not going to get any worse. I canít let it keep me from doing what needs to be done, so Iím going to let the pain be my guide and work until I canít stand the pain. And I know from experience that on some days the threshold will be lower than others.

Thereís a big red mark on the inside of my arm where my blood was taken yesterday, and at times today I thought thatís what was hurting. But it turns out that it was the same old tendonitis that Iíve been battling for several weeks. And Iím going to keep calling it tendonitis because it needs a name and thatís as close to a name as the doctor gave when he examined me.

2 June 2006

Fire in the sky.

As for the blood test results, everything so far looks okay. Not all of the results are in yet, but of the ones Iíve seen, the only negative indicators (they call them ďflagsĒ) are on the cholesterol panel. Some are too high and some are too low, but not by any drastic amount. I wonít relax until I know everything about everything, so expect a few more panicky days. But weíre used to that, arenít we?

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Not Only did Jason Schmidt strike out 16 Marlin hitters to tie a Giantsí record set in 1904, but he struck out the side in the ninth inning with the tying run on third base, on his way to a 2-1 win that was not only his sixth straight victory this season, but his eighth in a row over the Marlins without a loss. Moises Alou returned from a long stint on the disabled list to hit a double that drove in the winning run, but it was definitely a night for strong pitching, by both Schmidt and the Marlinsí young starter, Josh Johnson.

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