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Friday, June 9, 2006

One of these days, or one of these weekends, I really ought to do what I said I was going to do and get out in the yard and cut down weeds and grasses. My back porch is completely overgrown with blackberry brambles, and I probably should hack that back, too. The way things are now, I canít even use my back door, and thereís no way I can sit on the porch and read, the way Iíve done in summers past.

But I think Iíll leave the brambles the way they are for a little while longer. Theyíre currently sporting white blossoms, and theyíve become the best hummingbird feeder Iíve ever had. I can sit in my recliner in front of the TV and see the little hummers hovering and drinking from the blackberry blooms. In fact, I can watch them through the sliding glass door, and also through the other two windows on the east side of the house. For the last couple of weeks, itís been a daily show.

9 June 2006


There are other plants blooming all around the yard, in spite of my neglect, and the hummingbirds have been enjoying all of the spring finery. Still, I really should get out there and do some serious work one of these evenings. And I will. Soon. Probably.

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Losing is never easy, but some losses are more frustrating than others. The Giants had the tying run halfway home twice tonight and couldnít score either time. In the sixth, with Omar Vizquel running from first base, Moises Alou hit a ball to left field. Vizquel rounded the bag at third and then was told to go back to the base, but he was tagged out before he could make it. Iíve seen this a little too often lately, indecision on the bases. Then in the bottom of the ninth, with Jason Ellison running for Alou, Pedro Feliz doubled down the left field line. Ellison would have scored easily if the ball hadnít bounced into the stands for a ground rule double. And thatís how the game ended, with the tying run on third and the Pirates winning, 3-2. Thereís hardly a tougher loss than one you think youíve already won.

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