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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It must be time to check in, because even though I have nothing to say, and all the days are running together, I still have this compulsion to write. Or at least to post an entry to forestall the rumors. I havenít been abducted by Swiss soccer hooligans or caught in the crossfire at a smooth jazz concert. Iím still here, alive, and well. Well, well enough, I guess.

Because I had to get the Kennel payroll in the mail, I had to make two trips to the post office today. One was at my usual late morning time, and it was uneventful. The other was in the middle of the afternoon, and it reminded me why I always plan my errands for the morning. People drive like idiots in the afternoon, for some reason.

And they park side by side, one car facing each direction, on a two-lane road so the two drivers can chat. And they donít move when someone in a green Saturn comes up behind them. They act as if they donít see the Saturn, or as if itís the most natural thing in the world to block traffic so they can have a conversation. What, they donít have cell phones? Everybody (everybody but me) has a cell phone, right? Put each other on speed dial and get out of my way.

Yesterday I also had to go to the post office in the afternoon, because the tree trimmersí truck was blocking the end of my driveway all morning. I could have asked them to move, I suppose, but Iíd rather pout and wait them out and then drive around them (and smile and nod) after theyíve moved their truck down the road to block the next driveway. For some reason itís more satisfying that way.

11 June 2006

Aiden, Monkey-Boy.

I guess I really wanted to write tonight so I could show you Aiden at the park Sunday. For some reason, as soon as he saw his grandpa, he went into Total Chimp Mode. I guess they must have a lot of apes in their new neighborhood, because he did a great job of imitating the stance and the attitude. (Actually, I think John taught him how to do it.)

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The Giants knew what they were doing when they loaded their roster for this season with versatile players like Mark Sweeney and Todd Greene. These guys are not superstars, but they make their team better, and with the injuries the Giants have suffered, itís been good to have a core of reliable veterans (and a few promising rookies) to turn to in time of need. In the absence of Lance Niekro and Mike Matheny, both Sweeney and Greene started tonightís game, and another veteran player, Steve Finley, led off the game with a home run, the 300th of his career. He becomes the sixth player with 300 homers and 300 stolen bases. It was a close game for a few innings, but the Giants came up with enough runs to beat the Diamondbacks, 11-4. Barry Bonds (another veteran) ended the onslaught with a three-run homer in the ninth.

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