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Sunday, June 11, 2006

D.J. doesnít think of the people in his life as step-parents or half-siblings. Theyíre all part of his family, as far as heís concerned, and he must have been pleased to see so many of them watching and cheering for him at his Tiger Cub graduation today. I know he wasnít overwhelmed, because he took it all in stride. It was just something everyone does. His family comes to see him on his special days.

And I have to say he was extra-charming during the ceremony, flashing that big grin and showing off all the badges and pins and whatever else he earned during the past year. Now he moves up to some other animal, bobcat or wolf or some such thing. Iím not up on (or into) scouting all that much; I just go along for the photo ops.

Aiden has been suffering from ear infections, and taking the rest of the family along with him, but he seemed his usual cheerful self. He wished me a happy birthday, but by now he must think that every day is everybodyís birthday. He had his own stretched over several days a week ago, and today was his daddyís birthday. (That part is true; David turned 25 today.)

Even Kylie had a half-smile for me today, which is fifty percent more than I usually get.

It was such a family day today that I got up early enough (on a Sunday morning!) to see most of Ericís baseball game. This was one of the games he plays at a park close to my house, so even though I left home half an hour late, I didnít miss much. I did have to leave before it was over, to make D.J.ís function, but by then the game was well in hand. For the other team, but still.

11 June 2006

D.J. finds the camera.

And then, after all this activity, I came home and took a bunch of pills and put ice on my wrist. Iím trying to keep myself healthy enough to last until the next graduation. There are times when I think Iíll be lucky to make the next game, as far as that goes. Iím trying to do everything the doctor tells me to do, so that I donít have too many days of ice packs and pain pills. Itís working on the blood pressure, which seems to be fairly consistently down these days. Now if I can get the tendonitis under control, Iíll be seeing things a little brighter.

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For some reason, the Pirates always manage to beat the Giants in San Francisco. Itís not that the Pirates are a good team, because theyíre not. But today, with Jason Schmidt on the verge of his seventh straight victory, leading 5-2 in the eighth, the game was turned over to the bullpen. Big mistake. The Pirates scored five runs in the inning, four of them on a grand slam by Jose Bautista (not Sean Casey or Jason Bay or Jeromy Burnitz) off Tim Worrell and went on to beat the Giants, 7-5, and take the series, three games to one. And now the Giants have to start a series against the Diamondbacks, another not very good team that always seems to have their number.

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