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Monday, June 4, 2007

Yeah, well, itís not enough that my camera no longer lets me upload photos. I mean, thatís the kind of technology that isnít supposed to work very long anyway, I think, because itís so dependent on hardware. Whenever there are tiny parts and pieces involved, something is going to go haywire. Or get bent. Iíll solve the problem somehow (I already have one idea, from Jeannie: a card reader.)

But now, I have yet another printer problem. My fax/scanner/printer/copier canít seem to do anything right just now. I couldnít print from a word processor document today, because the computer said my printer was off line. It wasnít, but I couldnít convince it until I rebooted. And now lately about five out of every fifteen copies, in no particular pattern, have a black streak down the back. Since itís down the back of the copy, and not on the front where all the text is, Iím still using the copier. But itís annoying, and I donít feel much like dealing with it. So Iím not.

3 June 2007

Aiden blowing out his candle.

After all this, and whatever else could go wrong today, I decided to go low-tech on the yard work this afternoon. I strapped on the gardening gloves and hauled out the yard waste container, and then I clipped all the blackberry brambles I could get my clippers on. I didnít cover much ground, really, but at least you can walk from the driveway to my front door without getting attacked by thorns. Thatís probably the best thing I managed to accomplish all day.

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