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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I know itís still spring, but is it also still March? I walked out to the road to pick up my mail this afternoon, and the wind roaring through the eucalyptus grove sounded like a freight train going through a tunnel. Iíd been inside most of the day and had no idea it was blowing that hard, but the branches were whipping around madly, and a cloud of dust conjured out of the field across the street was moving my way like a grainy monster.

Needless to say, thatís all I needed to discourage me from doing any yard work this afternoon. I spent most of the day doing payroll, and I probably could have used a little fresh air, but this air today was a little too fresh for comfort. I didnít actually start sneezing until after I walked out to the mailbox and back, but afterward I hardly stopped.

3 June 2007

Kylie, at Aiden's party.

The Boss phoned me this morning to let me know that he had been to the clinic and they told him he was coming along well. Thatís all the detail I got about his condition, but it seems to have picked up his spirits. Not too much, I hope. If he starts feeling too frisky, heís liable to break more bones. Anyway, that wasnít really why he called. He really called to have me look up a phone number for him, but I guess he thought he had to give me something in return, so I got the medical update.

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"Iíve been waiting for the bad news all day, even though (a) I donít know that there is any bad news, and (2) itís too soon for the results."

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