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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My fax machine has been giving me some problems lately, streaky black lines down the center of the page and that sort of thing, so I should have been happy to see the UPS guy deliver my new one today. The trouble is, I didnít order a new one. I wasnít expecting a new one and I donít really want to deal with changing over to a new one.

Okay, the new one isnít entirely new. Itís one the company bought for Julie, back when she was still part of the company. And she didnít intend to send it to me. She left two packages on her porch for UPS to pick up. One was her typewriter, addressed to me (I wasnít expecting that, either), and the other was the fax machine, addressed to the Kennel. UPS dutifully put their own standard labels on the two packages, but they put my address on both of them.

Iím going to use the ďnewĒ fax as a stand-alone copier, until I decide what else to do with it. Itís a laser fax, and it makes cleaner copies (and does it faster) than my ďoldĒ fax, which has been the only copier Iíve had ever since I got it. They donít need the new one at the Kennel, and they didnít know it was supposed to be delivered there anyway, so itís no loss to them.

I didnít really want the typewriter, either. Ever since the old Selectric quit working, Iíve had a perfect excuse not to have to fill in forms. I hate filling in forms, and if I have to do it, Iíd rather do it by hand. Now I no longer have the excuse not to do it, nor the reason to do it the easy way. Iím sure she was thinking it would be less work for me if I had the typewriter, not more. But that turns out not to be the case.

3 June 2007

David, Kylie and Aiden, on the patio at Aiden's party.

Just to add a final touch to my acquisitiveness today, I ran out this morning and bought myself a card reader, so that I donít have to worry about transferring photos from the camera to the computer with a bent cable. It was cheap, and it was easy to install. And it works. Iím way ahead of the game with it than I seem to be with any other electronic device in the whole place.

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