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Friday, June 15, 2007

I took it a little easy today (gasp!). I thought I had to, after the way this week has gone. Besides, I expect to be working most of the weekend. Today is the fifteenth of the month, the day Iím supposed to get both time cards and meter readings from The Kennel. That means I have to produce payroll and billing statements in great quantity, and by Monday itíll already be the eighteenth.

When Paul was running The Kennel, I usually got these things a day or two early. But thatís water under the gangway, as they say. That yacht has steamed off to less troubled waters. Still, I canít help reminding the Boss every so often that things arenít running quite as smoothly now that Paul and Julie are both gone. I do it subtly, though, so it probably doesnít register with him. Subtlety doesnít penetrate well with certain people.

Not that things are universally awful. Iím happy and relieved to say that John came by with the tractor yesterday and laid out all the high, dry grasses that have been closing in on me like a relentless horde of tasseled zombies. He left only the areas the tractor wouldnít reach, and it doesnít amount to much for me to have to do. I need a day that isnít close to 100ļF, though. Thank goodness I live in the North Bay, where the natural air conditioning blows in from the Pacific every three or four days all summer.

That heat, I guess, would be the third reason I didnít get much work done today. I canít have the box fan blowing on me while I have loose papers spread out, so it faces the recliner. Every time the phone rings, I sit in front of the fan and try to make the call last as long as possible. If only the Boss knew why Iíve been so talkative lately. It takes me a few minutes to get out of the chair and back at it after he hangs up, too.

14 June 2007

After the mowing.

Last night? Not so good. Mom had a minor (hopefully, and probably, minor) health scare (although whatís minor at 80, right?) and needed a ride to her 8:30 pm doctor appointment. First of all, Iím grateful that she has a health plan that allows for late night appointments. And Iím glad they were able to diagnose and prescribe (and that they took her in early, because knowing my mom, you know we got there half an hour early). Anyway, I talked to her this morning and she seemed to be better. (She can fool me about those things, though, in ways I canít fool her.)

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