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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday is the new Monday. Donít get me wrong; Monday is still pretty horrible, but Tuesday has become my hardest day. Today was even worse than normal, if thatís possible. I had to beg for the time cards, as usual, and then Timís fax sent them through so excruciatingly slowly that I could feel my blood pressure going through the roof while I was waiting for each page to print.

As usual, his fax mangled some of the sheets at his end, and I had to call and ask him to re-send them. It was so late by the time I got them all that I knew I wouldnít finish the payroll tonight. That means either getting up early tomorrow (unlikely), or making an extra trip to the post office to mail off the checks.

On top of all that, this was the first time I had to produce the kennel billings without Paulís input. The kids who are in charge now that heís gone mean well, but what they donít know would fill a large lagoon or a small lake. The one thing they have going for them is that theyíre very grateful for every bit of help I give them, and theyíre not shy about expressing it. This doesnít make it any easier on me, but it does make it more bearable.

The worst time of the day was when I was trying to fax the statements out to The Kennel at the same time Tim was trying to fax the time cards to me. Phone lines just donít work that way, and it ate up the most productive part of the afternoon. I wish I could say I took it well, but Iím steaming up again now, just thinking about it.

Once I realized I wasnít going to get all the way through the payroll today, I decided to take some time to do some yard work. I hauled out the yard waste container and cut back the blackberry brambles that have been choking the back porch. It filled the container completely, so that I canít really do any more work until after the haulage guys come Friday. I guess the good side of that is that I have an excuse not to do any yard work tomorrow or Thursday. It kind of eases my mind a bit, thinking of it like that.

14 June 2007

Path to the old oak.

I could let this stuff get me down, if I didnít try so darn hard to stay upbeat. My back is killing me tonight, after a mere twenty minutes in the garden earlier. My Boss wants me to send the new fax to be used in his office, despite the fact that heís not even in his office. (Heíll probably be at his ex-wifeís house for months.) And the gash I put in my thumb in a kitchen accident last night hurts even more today. A less sunny disposition than mine would have let a person down by now.

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