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Friday, June 22, 2007

This might not have been the longest day of the year (that was yesterday), but it was after nine oíclock tonight before I thought about closing the blinds and turning on the inside lights. Thatís much later than Iíve been shutting down for the day, and it was a little hard to close the back door, because the air coming through the house still felt good. Thatís what I call summer.

My goal for this summer is to keep the weeds and grasses under control. Now that the worst part has been taken care of for me, it shouldnít be much of a problem. What it will take, that I havenít shown much aptitude for, is persistence. I have to get out in the yard every day, or at least a few times a week, in order to make this work.

And I have to remember to take the yard waste container to the curb on Thursday nights. I nearly forgot last night, and if I had, I wouldnít have had any place to put the new cuttings. I guess I could have stacked them up and waited, but once you get behind, it can be awfully hard to catch up. Itís like dishes, and itís why I always wash as many of them as I can as I go along. (Itís like filing, too. Oh, the piles. If only Iíd managed to keep up, it could be so easy.)

14 June 2007

My golden yard.

However. I didnít get out in the yard at all today. Itís not that I didnít have time. I even had a little energy left at the end of the day. (Well, itís Friday, after all.) But somehow I just couldnít generate any interest in doing the kind of work I promised myself Iíd do every day. Thatís the trouble with resolutions. As soon as you miss the first day, youíve failed. So letís not call it a promise after all. Letís just say Iíll try. (Yeah, that always works.)

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