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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Aiden has only had five birthdays, but he seemed quite comfortable being the center of attention at his party with the family last night. Maybe that’s because this wasn’t even his first fifth birthday party (nor his last, as far as I know). I fully support stretching out the celebrations for the whole week (or the whole month, if he can get away with it). He already knows he’s a superstar, so this isn’t likely to have any noticeable effect on his ego.

He was as appreciative as anyone could have hoped. He didn’t have to be prompted to say his thanks or to give hugs. He’s always been a pretty good hugger. It seems to come naturally to him.

It’s never dull around Aiden, that’s for sure. He’s still exploring ways to expand his vocabulary. He uses words like “apparently” and “counter-clockwise” in general conversation, but right now he seems obsessed with “ridiculous.” He’ll do a fairly routine stunt on his motorcycle and ask, “Did I look ridiculous?” You probably know the right answer to that, or at least the answer he wants to hear.

3 June 2009

Aiden at five. (More photos.)

He’s into Star Wars these days, so a lot of his presents were in that vein. (And most of them were “just what I wanted!”) He immediately started making up stories and scenarios for the Lego characters, and he even let his sister play with them, too. (Kylie wanted to be “the girl one.”) It was also good to have Dakota and D.J. at the party. We don’t get to see them often these days, but they are still the big brothers, and an important part of the family.

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Giants 5, Nationals 1, first game. Until the Giants broke it open with three runs in the top of the ninth, the game was hanging by the thread of a pair of runs the Giants scratched out in the second. In fact, they hadn’t even had a base runner between the second and the ninth, and their 2-1 lead was made that much more tenuous by an unearned run in the sixth. Randy Johnson went six and gave up no earned runs on two hits, so it’s hard to argue that this wasn’t a deserving performance for his 300th win.

Giants 4, Nationals 1, second game, 6 innings, rain. The way the Giants started the season, you wouldn’t have given them much of a chance to have a seven-game winner by the first week in June. And the way Matt Cain’s luck has run during most of his career, you wouldn’t have though he’d be that pitcher. But Cain pitched well in the rain tonight and picked up that seventh win, thanks in no small part to a three-run rally that gave the Giants the lead just before the game became official. This breaks Cain’s streak of 6-inning outings, but only because the Nationals only batted in five innings.

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